Superhero Attributes!

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In computer lab, we’ve created superheros to help make our school a place filled with safe, responsible and respectful students!  In reading, we’ve been working on figurative language!  Please combine your skills to develop some attributes of a superhero!  -Mr. Lund


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  1.   Mrs. Moody Says:

    Creating superheroes is a marvelous idea! There are teachers at Chatham Elementary dressing up as educational superheroes for Halloween this year such as Word Power Girl. Were any of your superheroes as trustworthy as Mr. Lund? We need superheroes at Glenwood Intermediate School for many reasons. Thanks for protecting such a wonderful school!

  2.   Beth Says:

    As strong as a tornato and hurricane roaming the whole entire world. As fast as a bullet train going down a railroad track. As trustworthy as news at 10:00 on your TV.

  3.   Ilisha Says:

    A super hero can be as strong as a tsunami, as fast as a race car, and as trustworthy as the sun rising in the east.

  4.   Easton Says:

    Spiderman is as strong as a wrestler, for example when he first became spiderman he decided to wrestle a “Caveman” but sadly that lead to his uncle’s death. He’s as smart as Albert Einstein, and as fast as a speeding bullet. But at the beginning of one of his movies he can’t even catch up with a bus. Spiderman is as trustworthy as it gets for he takes care of his friend after his friend’s father’s death. There are some of the reasons why Spiderman is my favorite superhero but trust me there’s more to him than just that.

  5.   Ryan Says:

    Spiderman is as strong as a John Cena. Spiderman is also as fast as a dash of lightning flashing through the midnight sky. Spidetrman is as caring as caring can get, for example when sombody is about to get ran over by the bus or get punched he would come and swipe the person an save their life. Spiderman was my favorite movie but now it’s not.

  6.   lexie Says:

    A superhero is as strong as a monster trucks wheel rolling.As fast as a bumblebee camaro zooming down the highway on a sunny morning.As hungry as a fat old hippo in the water sleeping.As trustworthy as the Tv on talk shows. As powerful as a racing car catching up to Jeff Gordon.

  7.   Isabelle Says:

    Super Heros are as fast as the speed of sound, as truthful as a loyal friend, as helpful as yor teacher, and as strong as a tornado.

  8.   Devan Says:

    My superhero would have the speed of a speeding bullet going through a car windshield. He would be as strong as the incredible hulk smashing a car with his foot.
    And he would have the claws of wolverine.

  9.   Emma Says:

    As strong as the fearless tough Batman. Fast as a excelerating race car. As trustworthy as a good friend.

  10.   Beth Says:

    Spiderman is my favorite character. I love the new Spiderman. Also I love how you say as smart as Albert Einstein. Your super hero sounds very trustworthy.

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