Technology Project with Kindergarten Students

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As fifth graders, our class should share our love of technology with younger students.  Luckily for us, we have a unique connection to a local kindergarten class.  We’re also lucky that those students have a great teacher that also values technology integration into their classroom.  So………

Technology.  What does that word mean to you?

Technology Integration Into Learning.  How is that currently achieved in our classroom?

Technology Project with Kindergarten Students.  What project would you design to complete with a class of kindergarten students?

3 Responses to “Technology Project with Kindergarten Students”

  1.   Marisa R. Says:

    I have a perfect idea for the technology project. I thought we could make a podcast of pictures we drew of social studies subjects or topics, like for example columbus. My partner and I would draw columbus on a boat sailing the ocean, and on the podcast we can talk about the picture and columbus. This is an example of what I’m talking about, but us 5th graders would teach the kindergarteners about the subject we would choose in social studies, draw it on paper, take a picture of the picture we both drew, make a podcast with audio for us to talk about our picture and this would be our technology project. I hope we can do this, but I would like any other idea as well!

  2.   Mrs. Moody Says:

    Integrating technology into learning is a must for today’s students. Teachers have begun to realize the importance of including technology into their daily lessons and instruction. It also means that students need to be given the tools necessary to be able to use technolgy themselves. This being said, we must begin this process at a very young age. Each year as a second grade teacher I found my students being more capable of doing more difficult tasks in computer class thanks to their K-1st teachers. I also think that computers are more accessible to children at a younger age. My four year old loves to do games on PBS.com and Playhouse Disney. I am all for it as long as it is educational.

    I love Marisa’s idea of teaching the Kindergarten students about a topic. It would also provide the Kindergarten students with the chance to respond through technology. Secondly, the 5th graders would be wonderful models of why they need to work hard and be good students in Kindergarten. Great idea Marisa!

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